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Lynn Bierbaum

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Lynn Bierbaum (b. 1995, Minneapolis, MN) is a photographer and glass artist currently residing in Rochester, NY. She began working with black and white film in 2010 and pursuing historic techniques in 2015. Lynn specializes in wet plate collodion in combination with blown glass and blends her glass and photographic works. By using optical properties to create and alter light through her image making process.

Lynn has presented as a panelist on alternative processes for Culture lab (Long Island City, New York), and on sculptural photography at the Experimental Photo Festival (Barcelona, Spain). Her work has been exhibited at A Smith gallery, (Johnson City, Texas), Institut d’Estudis Fotogràphics de Catalunya, Barcelona, and Art Intersection, (Gilbert, Arizona). In 2019, she was featured as an interviewed artist in the premiere issue of Analog Forever Magazine. She is a current MFA candidate in photography and related media at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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