Memories Fading in Time

I began to find connections between my faded memories and the nearly constant headaches I suffered from as a child. When I was about 10 years old those headaches began to turn to migraines, causing scary and severe pain many days a week. It occasionally results in extremely hazy vision, or loss of my vision entirely, typically ending in a trip to the emergency room a couple times a year. The first time it happened I thought my vision would never come back and that I would forever see the world in a haze.

As I think back on memories of childhood, I can’t help but see memories in a similar way, with areas of information fogged, or gone from memory, my mind and sight fading with time.

How was I feeling? Was it warm or cold out? What was going through my head when I made the photograph?

So these photographs I have been making are a more true interpretation to how I remember each of these events.