Alternative Photos on Glass

Holding Hands
Sat Smoking a Cigarette
A Rose Without Thorns
I Tried to be Good
Thai Appreciation
Thai Appreciation
Thai Appreciation
Thai Appreciation
Thai Appreciation
Ribbons of Connection
Search for Connection
Search for Home
The Best Day
Is There a Key to Life?
Mystery Island
Attempt Number Nine
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
Self Reflection

Artist Statement:

The work I make is connected to my constant search for home. Since I’ve graduated college I have focused on what it is that makes a home, home. By moving across the U.S I began to search of my own place of belonging, meeting many new people, making memories and seeing places like no other. Throughout those adventures I’ve decided it isn’t just one thing but many elements that makes somewhere home. It takes a community, relationships or human connection, location and items or memories to make a place home.  Currently my artwork focuses on images relating to a sense of community through the lighthouse, chairs and buildings on the mountain side. Home is more than just a place, it's about finding the right partner, community, and culture to make a place my home.

Right now I am focused on the human connections and relationships element to a home. So commonly we have people come into our lives for a short amount of time, but others stay. Those are the people we tend to hold most dear us later on. I find that certain objects bring out memories in us all that connect us with them. The still lives I choose for these blown glass forms are specific moments in my own relationships but are meant to allow the viewers to add their own connection and meaning to them.

The glass isn’t just a canvas for the images it also conveys fragility by the natural nature of the material. People are commonly afraid to hold a piece of glass as to not want to break it.

I use positives in contact with the wet plate emulsion under an enlarger to expose the images onto the three-dimensional glass forms. Next, I develop, and varnish before removing the frame from the glass.

Mixed Media

14 (1)_Bierbaum_Lynnette
14 (2)_Bierbaum_Lynnette
Texture Study
Texture Study
Texture Study
Family Artifact
Family Artifacts

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Thai Appreciation

Lynn Bierbaum Ty Pratumwon Ambrotype on Blown Glass 2019